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    & Our Rescue Friends
  • About Us

    & Our Rescue Friends


Our Mission

The Animal Rescue Fund was founded in 2011 because our of our deep caring for  animals and we had the desire to help as many of them as humanly possible each and every day. After extensive research within the  local animal communities we discovered that the best way  to make the biggest impact possible was to raise funds to help amazing local non profit animal rescues that were on the front lines and already making a difference.

Having over 18 years experience in opening and operating non profit thrift stores in Massachusetts and Florida we knew that this was the way to raise the most funds for these incredible resues and along came BOOMERANGS THRIFT STORE, where every dollar spent is helping more local animals in need. Help us to help those without a voice.

About Us

Boomerangs is an award winning thrift store thats owned and operated by the Animal Rescue Fund Inc. Founded with the simple mission of helping to fund smaller local animal rescue organizations that were already doing exceptional work in our community. Serving the Greater Fort Lauderdale area for over seven years, Boomerangs was able to raise and donate over $750,000 in much needed funding to these rescues.

With our relocation to Orlando, we are excited to raise funds to help animals in Central Florida area by donating funds and supporting the finest local rescues with your help.

Boomerangs features a variety of high quality new gift items, vintage and gently used merchandise to provide funding to local NO-KILL rescues. All proceeds from Boomerangs directly help local rescues to find “forever homes”, provide medical care, food, suppliesand support local spay and neuter programs. Local communities seem to share a deep desire to help these animals and rescues but during these difficult financial times its hard for many animal lovers to donate money. We happily accept donations of all types  and resell them to raise the funds needed for the rescues. Its a win-win! Local residents or companies can clear out their clutter, donate it, claim it on their taxes and the  animals receive all the benefits.  Not to mention the fun you will have shopping at  Boomerangs and leaving with a bargain.

The rescues we support receive no tax dollars or goverment funding so your kind donations are critical in our continued efforts  to save animals right here in our own community.

Our Rescue Friends

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